Outreach Team for the Elderly


  1. Build a supporting network among the residents, encourage them to help one another, promote role transition of the residents to become our outreach ambassadors and organizing home visits.
  2. Invite people with diverse backgrounds to become outreach ambassadors and pay regular home visits to the singleton elders, elderly couples or hidden elders.
  3. Doctors and medical students help raising the awareness on disease prevention and healthy living among the elders. "Tutorial session" will also be arranged specifically for physically inconvenient students of the Academy.
  4. Doctors and medical students help identifying elders with potential health and living problems and refer them to suitable medical or social service units.
  5. Festivals may create mental stress to the singleton elders. The outreach ambassadors will pay visits and send gifts to the elders prior to seasonal festivals so as to extend our care to them. We hope the elders can feel the care from the outreach ambassadors and neighborhood in order to enhance their sense of existence and self-esteem.
  6. Promote the concept of respect and care for the elders, and inter-generational harmony.
  7. Encourage outreach ambassadors to arrange individuals or small group visits and make regular phone call to the elders.

Project Period: January 2017 - October 2018

Composition of the Outreach Team:
Medical doctors with their family members, medical students, secondary school students, elderly volunteers and residents living in Hing Wah Estate I & II.
(Groups of outreach ambassadors and their matched elders will remain unchanged)

Home Visit Schedule and Number of Visits:
Visiting Hours:
Saturday afternoons (Special arrangement can be made for outreach ambassadors who can only join the visits on weekdays)

Number of visits:

  • A maximum of 26 home visits will be arranged.
  • Each team will be paired up with 2 to 3 singleton elders, elderly couples or hidden elders.
  • Each household visit lasts about 1 hour.

*Ideally each team should engage about 18 home visits over these two years but alternative arrangements such as flexible team members and/or different number of visits can be made. (Both visiting services arranged by the HKMA and individual visits to the elders will be counted.)

Tentative visit schedule (Saturdays):
2017 2018
7th January 2017
(Event Photos)
15th July 2017
(Event Photos)
13th January 2018
(Event Photos)
14th July 2018
(Event Photos)
18th February 2017
(Event Photos)
26th August 2017
(Event Photos)
3rd February 2018
(Event Photos)
11th August 2018
(Event Photos)
18th March 2017
(Event Photos)
23rd September 2017
(Event Photos)
17th March 2018
(Event Photos)
15th September 2018
29th April 2017
(Event Photos)
21st October 2017
(Event Photos)
21st April 2018
(Event Photos)
6th October 2018
20th May 2017
(Event Photos)
18th November 2017
(Event Photos)
19th May 2018
(Event Photos)
17th June 2017
(Event Photos)
9th December 2017
(Event Photos)
16th June 2018
(Event Photos)

Other activities:

  1. Volunteer Training Workshops
    Training workshops for outreach ambassadors will be held on a regular basis with the aim at providing a platform for outreach ambassadors to meet, learn and share both voluntary and home visiting experience with their fellows which help develop and consolidate the team spirit.

  2. Volunteer Sharing Sessions
    The Hong Kong Medical Association will provide a platform for all outreach ambassadors to share experience about home visiting and mutual assistance in the neighborhood. Outreach ambassadors can express their opinions through various channels.

  3. Recognition Scheme and Ceremony
    The Recognition Scheme is offered to outreach ambassadors to encourage a continuous habit of serving the community. Outreach ambassadors will be presented with gold, silver and bronze awards on the basis of their accumulated services hours. The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held at the end of the project.
Home Visits from Experienced Outreach Ambassadors
Visiting Schedule (Thursdays):
7th June 2018*
(Event Photos)
21st June 2018*
(Event Photos)
19th July 2018*
(Event Photos)
16th August 2018
(Event Photos)
6th September 2018 20th September 2018
*Service hours provided by ambassadors are counted in the Recognition Scheme


Recognition Scheme
First year: January 2017 to November 2017
Second year: December 2017 to October 2018

Accumulated Service Hours (per year)
Gold Award 30 hours or more
Sliver Award 21 - 29 hours
Bronze Award 15 - 20 hours

Calculation Method:

  Maximum No. of sessions No. of hours for
attending each session
Total no. of hours for
attending the sessions
Volunteer Training 30 1 30
Home visits 26 2 52
Evaluation & Sharing Sessions 16 1 16
Total no. of service hours in 2 years 98
Total no. of service hours per year 49

** Note: More hours could be counted if outreach ambassadors are involved in preparation, planning, setting up and other supporting efforts.

Phone: 2861 1909
Email: elderlyhealth@hkma.org

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