Introduction on the Hong Kong Medical Association Clinic Management System (CMS) 3.0

Press Conference on 28 August 2009

Introduction on the Wenchang project
The eHealth Record Office (eHRO) of the Food and Health Bureau granted a sponsorship of HK$2,939,000 to the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) to run the Wenchang Project in December 2014.

This project aims to further enhance the HKMA Clinic Management System (CMS) 3.0 or HKMA CMS Yuan Wang (YW) with eHR connectivity via the eHR viewer and develop HKMA CMS Nu Wa (NW) for using the core framework of CMS On-ramp application. It also includes technical support services for system installation, data migration and training for 200 doctors.

The HKMA CMS YW is based on the HKMA CMS 3.0 system with the following enhancements:

  1. Improvement in the workflow, e.g. enable the creation of a temporary patient;
  2. Ability to scan our old paper records into PDF files for filing. The system generates a bar code to enable patient indexing;
  3. Built in body diagrams for users to add annotations. Added function to store photos and images so that all data are in one single place;
  4. An enhanced function to print out Medication Order form;
  5. Built in eHR viewer to view the patient data.

A document management system (DMS) to handle scanned documents is built into the CMS YW and CMS NW system.

Free Installation and Technical Support Services:
If you join the system, you will have free onsite installation and onsite technical support for 6 months, followed by free telephone support for another year.

Services, Support and Enquiry
If you want to sign up for the system, you can contact HKMA Secretariat at 2527 8285 or our support service provider, System Aid Medical Services Ltd (SAM).

Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2151 2823
Technical Support Hotline: (852) 2151 2531
Fax: (852) 2151 2850

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Upcoming Activities
  1. The HKMA I.T. Committee Training Workshops on CMS YW system for doctors and nurses
    The Training Workshops will cover a detailed walk-through of the various functions of the CMS YW, including waiting queue, appointment, consultation, dispensary, administration, reporting and eHR viewer. Learn more

Access to HKMA YW Training Cloud and Demo Cloud